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About Us

The Ashland Monument Company was established in 1904 and was originally known as the Hiner Brothers. It remained this was until 1963 when Robert L. Hoffman took over as manager and eventually became the owner. The name was then changed to The Ashland Monument Company and it remains this way today. In 1990, Robert Hoffman's son Don purchased the business and became a second generation owner and operator. With the addition of Don's son A.J. Hoffman and Don's son-in-law Tony Martin, a third generation is accounted for.

From the beginning with hand tooling, to the modern day computer, monument design and manufacturing is always a work of dedication and commitment. It is our desire and family name that makes us a truly committed memorial company.

With over 150 different monuments and markers on display in our indoor showroom, we feel that we have a memorial that will meet your every need. After picking out the color, size, shape, and design of your memorial, we will generate a computer printout. This way you can see what you chosen memorial and design will look like before it is produced. Any necessary changes can be made so that you are happy with your selection. Our monuments and markers are produced in our shop and come with a full warranty.

Our staff also consists of two local artists who are considered to be at the top of their profession. Never without a creative idea, Phillip Sherman and Carl Alasandro would be happy to meet with you to draw your unique and custom design. Phillp Sherman specializes in portraits and Carl Alassandro does the scenes. When our artists get involved, your memorial becomes personalized and is assured to meet your specifications.

Having families of our own and working 40 hours a week, we understand that it can be difficult to find the time to come in and pick out a memorial. This is why we offer evening and weekend appointments in an effort to make it easier for our customers. The Ashland Monument Company also offers in home appointments. We have a number of different design books and brochures that will show you many memorial choices.