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Memorial Etchings

Memorial etchings are the art of engraving a design or picture on granite using a diamond tipped engraver.

Personalizing your memorial choice with custom etched art work is done free handed by our staff artists. This technique produces a long lasting time tested tribute. Every design is drawn with meticulous attention to detail. For best results, etchings are usually done on dark colored granite. When using our staff artists, the end result is a memorial designed personally for you. Our artists work most often from pictures or ideas provided by you, whether it is your home, farm, dog, cat, boat or your favorite vacation spot the possibilities are endless. Artists will do a drawing for approval before any work is done on your memorial.

Portrait etchings are also beautiful addition to any memorial, again etched free handed by our artists working from a photo that you provide. Portrait drawings are done in pencil for your approval and are also yours to keep. Many families choose to frame this art work, as it is an in home tribute and keepsake.

Staff artist and illustrator Carl Alessandro said, "Details are what I enjoy and focus on with each artist rendering. From pencil sketches of ideas to finished illustrations, my goal is to portray the desired effect and personal intentions, creating artwork for lasting generations."

Staff artist Philip Sherman has worked as a memorial etcher and designer since 1986. Etching subjects would include: portraits, animals, homes and architecture, nature scenery, cars, ships, planes, and subjects of historical significance. Philip is a graduate of the Cooper School of Art; Cleveland, Ohio majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Illustration.
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